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This article brings insight about your alcohol ,about the calories you consume, its pros and cons, some health benifits and about some diseases

We are no one to tell you to go throw down alcohol. Some of you drink occasionally, especially during weekends or at parties. Because of this we try to neglect the pros and cons of choosing specific kinds of alcohol. 

We have our drink here and there. So, we wanted to break down the alcohol a bit, to understand the difference and match with our meals. 

First in line, BEER, this drink is usually popular among teenagers. It is the oldest beverage in the world. So, intake of beer is pretty normal among them. 1can of beer contains 153kcal; 13g of carbs and 2g of protein. It helps in reducing stress, lowers cholesterol, prevents kidney stones and increases bone strength. But it is high in carbs and also contains gluten. For this reason, many gain certain diseases as well as weight. 

Moderate drinking = one drink/day for women and two drinks/day for men

Second in line, WINE, has some health benefits, depending upon your intake and is also famous among western world. Well, wine contains high sugar depending on their brand.You can benefit from 1-2 glasses of wine beyond that your body starts swinging in an unhealthy direction. 100g of Red white contains 83 calories; 2.7g of carbs and 0.1g of protein.

Moderate drinking = one drink/day for women and two drinks/day for men.

Third, is dark liquor ( includes whiskey, rye, bourbon, scotch,etc). These hard liquors are most dangerous and high in sugar content. They are higher in toxins which leads to build up toxicity in your body. Due to the presence of congeners like methnols, they are more likely to lead to a hangover. 100g of Hard liquor contains 250 calories; 0.1g of carbs and 0g of protein. 

Moderate drinking = one drink/day for women and two drinks/day for men.

Lastly, the clear liquor ( includes tequila, vodka, gin, etc) they are easy on your body compared to other liquors. They are lower in sugar and calories. This can be your easy going drink and you can even add in your juice. 100g of Clear liquor 231 calories; 0g of carbs and 0 g of protein. 

Moderate drinking = two drinks/day for women and three drinks/day for men.

Overall, Vodka and red wine are the easiest drinks in terms of preventing hangovers and least likely to cause digestive issues.

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